headlight restoration brisbane
headlight restoration brisbane

The Reason Your Headlights Appear Dull & Discoloured

Headlights are made from Polycarbonate, a type of extremely tough plastic. Polycarbonate is ideal for deflecting stones and other road debris. Unfortunately in harsh UV rays, bare polycarbonate becomes porous, discolours to a yellow/brown colour through the lens and develops little cracks or splinters known as ‘crazing’.

To combat this problem, every vehicle manufacturer from Ford to Ferrari applies a UV protective Hard Coat over the polycarbonate headlight lens. This coating protects the headlights from discolouring and crazing.

Due to Australia’s harsh UV rays, this factory protective coating will gradually degrade and begin to discolour, leaving headlights looking cloudy and dull. This not only affects the appearance of the vehicle but also deems it unroadworthy and potentially unsafe by limiting light output.

Headlight Restoration Done Right The First Time

Our headlight restoration process is done the correct way. This involves completely removing the old degraded factory Clear Coat, masking up the vehicle, and spraying on the lens a thick coat of UV-A cured, protective, clear Hard Coat that is chemical resistant, non-yellowing and has scratch resistance. Our protective Hard Coat is essential for preventing headlight discolouration and further damage. In our extensive experience, the technique we adopt often lasts longer than brand new replacement headlights. Headlight Restore’s OEM UV-A protective Hard Coat ensures your headlights will stay ‘crystal clear’ without discolouration for many years.

Headlight Restore is the only company that offers a 2 year guarantee from discolouration on our headlight restoration service knowing your headlights will last for many years beyond our guarantee.

Don’t Be Fooled By ‘Cheap’ Headlight Restoration Alternatives.

An increasing number of car detailers and mechanics now offer headlight restoration. Their process generally involves removing the old degraded factory Clear Coat by sanding the lens and then polishing the bare headlight lens clear. In some cases, a non-OEM coating (e.g. ceramic coating) may be wiped on the lens. Whilst this may look good initially, it will only last several months in Queensland’s harsh conditions and will degrade quickly. Without an adequate protective coat, the lens will begin to discolour and the polycarbonate itself will begin to micro-crack or ‘craze’. Methods that do not apply a Hard Coat are a temporary solution, often only lasting a few months and will eventually cause permanent damage to your headlights.

Other ‘off the shelf’ or ‘DIY headlight restoration kits’ will also leave the headlight exposed to the elements. They often only come with a polish and do not come with a quality UV protective sealant, again causing the lens to craze and discolour, often in merely months.

The repair methods mentioned above are a temporary fix. They will not achieve the clarity Headlight Restore can achieve through quality workmanship and application of a quality protective Hard Coat. Worse yet, they may damage your headlights permanently.

Avoid Fines

Oxidised, yellow headlights are un-roadworthy and you are potentially risking a defect notice of a $121 fine and demerit points off your driver’s licence. Why risk a fine and your safety when you can restore

Improve Vehicle Appearance

Oxidised, yellow headlights affect the appearance, safety and the resale value of your vehicle. Let Headlight Restore repair your headlights to as-new again, with our guaranteed service.

Safer Driving

Foggy, dull headlights are a danger on the road to yourself, other drivers & pedestrians, as they limit light output which affects vision for night driving & driving in poor weather conditions.

Headlight Restoration to as New Condition