cylinders-569151_1280Doing car maintenance is one of the proven ways to extend your vehicle’s life. However, anything that is carried to extremes yields negative results. As a car owner, you need to make sure that your car is in good running condition. This is why checking your car for any defects or damages is a must.

Some car owners have already developed a habit of doing a regular car maintenance while others are overdoing it. There are known myths that car owners blindly follow and have cost them vast amounts of cash. Never fall prey to these myths if you still want your car to have longer life.

1. Wash your car using laundry or dishwashing detergent.

If you care about your car’s wax finish, never ever attempt to wash your car with detergent as they will only strip off your car’s wax finish. Cutting corners will only damage your car so invest in car-wash liquid as it thoroughly cleans your car without removing wax.

2. Don’t drive your car without warming it up for several minutes.

This is an outdated advice. If you want your car’s engine to warm up, you need to drive your car as it is considered the fastest way to deliver optimum performance. Never attempt to rev the engine during the first few miles. If you drive your car, you will be able to notice that it delivers impressive mileage and performance.

3. Car owners need to change engine oil every 3000 miles.

Refer to the owner’s manual so you will know the correct way of changing engine oil. Your vehicle can still maintain tip-top driving conditions and travel as much as 7500 miles between oil changes. Although changing oil every so often won’t harm your engine, it will definitely leave a dent in your pocket.  If you drive a lot or travel through dusty or mountainous areas, changing oil every 3000 miles is a good practice.

4. Flushing the coolant is necessary with every oil change.

Most owner manuals usually recommend changing the coolant every 60000 miles or five years. However, you should also check the coolant reservoir if there is any leak despite topping it off regularly.

5. It only takes a few minutes of driving to recharge a car battery.

If you want to give battery a full charge, you need to allow a few hours especially during winter months. The alternator only provides little for recharging the battery especially when music systems, heated seats and other accessories are in use. These accessories use so much power.

6. Premium fuel should be used instead of regular-grade fuel.

Car owners often commit this costly mistake for the belief that it can give their car the ability to run fine. Although filling cars with premium doesn’t do your car any harm, it does not improve its performance either.

7. Inflate tyres following the pressure shown on the sidewall of the tyres.

If you want your tyre to hold safely, you need to refer to the side of the tyre as it is the maximum pressure. If you want to know the recommended pressure that can balance handling, braking, ride comfort and gas mileage, it is found on a sticker on the driver-side door jamb, on the fuel-filler door, or in the glove box.