garage-614550_1920There are various ways that most car owners consider to take good care of their cars such as washing and waxing it. Regular car maintenance is more than just enhancing the car’s appearance because it is also intended for extending its life. During winter, your car must be put into storage so its condition will be restored.

Before storage, it is important you clean your car inside and out. Never store a dirty car because the purpose of storage will be futile. It is important that you give your car a good wash and apply a coat of wax so the paint is preserved. If there are tree-sap drops, you should also get rid of them. You should also check if there are unpainted metal places under your car. These places are prone to rust and they need to have a protective coat, which should be reapplied yearly. Make sure you do not spray the coating near the exhaust components because these are flammable.

You should also check the cabin if there are food wrappers, soda cans and any other trash that could have already accumulated. For the carpet, if you are planning on steam cleaning it, you need to do it in advance so moisture buildup and mold can be avoided. You can also purchase seat covers so you can add protection to your car’s interior. There are also packs of desiccant you can purchase that enable you to soak up cabin moisture. They are available in your convenience store or local store. The packs of desiccant must be placed on the floor.

The tyres must also be inflated to a higher air pressure before storing your car because the tyres have the tendency to lose pressure once the temperature changes. When inflating your tyres to a higher air pressure, make sure that it does not exceed the tyre’s maximum air pressure. The required air pressure can be found on the side of the tyre. All four tyres must be filled following the correct air pressure once you take your car out of storage. If your tyre has a leak, make sure to replace it because it will deflate completely.

Your fluids and power must be checked before storage. As much as possible, use fuel stabilizer especially if you plan to store a car for a period of six months. The fuel stabilizer must be added to a nearly full gas tank. You should also change your oil filter and oil. The fluid levels must be checked and topped up before considering storing your car. Your car should have enough antifreeze if you live in a place with a colder climate.

The new fluids need to circulate before storing it, so make sure you take it out for one last ride. Do not forget to remove or store your car battery. The battery tender or charger contains a float mode or automatic shutoff feature that prevents battery from overcharging. The battery can also be stored in a warm room. Cold batteries have the tendency to freeze and crack.

It is also necessary to invest in a high quality car cover. The cover must be waterproof if you plan storing your car outside. The purpose of the car cover is to protect your car’s freshly waxed exterior from dirt and dust.