car-753855_1280 When driving at night, you need to ensure safety especially when passing dimly lit roads. Accidents happen due to faulty headlights and it can be costly. There is a large number of options on the market that make the selection a bit challenging. There are several reasons for headlight bulb replacement such as a damaged bulb.

Once the headlight bulb is no longer functional, the chances of getting into road mishaps also increase. If you are hunting for a reliable headlight bulb, do not be easily swayed by flashy commercials. As a buyer, it is important that you are keen on purchasing one of the most important parts of your vehicle.

Before heading for the store to make a purchase of headlight bulbs, you need to stop, think and get an overview of the bulb’s features.

The Importance Of Knowing The Types Of Headlight Bulbs

Each type of bulbs offer certain benefits such as a longer beam. There are types that are intended for enhancing your vehicle’s appearance and visibility, while others are meant to provide a usable light to ensure safety especially in dark driving conditions.

Xenon or High Intensity Discharge (HID)

HID can be usually found in luxury cars, but they can also be a good option for cheaper cars. This type of headlight bulb uses an arc of high-voltage current for it to produce light. There are HID or Xenon lights sold in a kit, which includes self-leveling and cleaning systems. HID lights produce a bluish tint, making it recognizable from other types of headlight bulbs.


Halogen bulbs are the most common type of headlight bulb because it is cost-effective and capable of producing sufficient amount of light. However, some car owners may find halogen bulbs inferior to other types of bulbs which can produce brighter light. One of the disadvantages of halogen bulbs is that they do not last longer as others.

The Features Of Headlight Bulbs

The headlight features can greatly influence your buying decision. If you want more elaborate features, you need to pay a much higher price. Nevertheless, the benefits you reap from high-output bulb such as HID and halogen outweigh the cost. After all, quality comes with a price. You just need to keep in mind that bulbs that produce more light tend to have a shorter lifespan than the bulbs that are not whiter and brighter.

How To Select Headlight Bulbs

You can narrow down your headlight bulb selection if you already have an idea about the features and benefits of each type of headlight bulbs. For most consumers, the price is often the primary concern. However, it should not be the main focus because there are important features that must be taken into consideration such as the level of light production and the color. The prices vary from brand to brand. The key factors to consider when searching for a reliable headlight bulb include components, features and price. Be extra careful when buying headlight bulb online and be aware of the seller’s policies. If you are not yet sure of the features and components, never commit to buying the headlight bulb without getting your questions satisfied with the right answers.