Are your headlights discoloured and/or oxidised headlights, if so you may be interested in Headlight Restore‘s service. We are Queensland’s first Headlight Restoration company. Our extensive research, coupled with over five years of product testing enables us to have your headlights looking new again with the best quality products allowing us to offer our 3 year warranty.

Headlights are made from Polycarbonate, it is an extremely durable plastic for deflecting stones etc. Unfortunately, bare polycarbonate doesn’t handle the sun very well and discolours and crazes. For this reason, all vehicle manufacturers apply the much needed UV clear protective coat to headlights to prevent this problem.

Unfortunately in the harsh sun the original protective factory UV clear coat degrades over time and has to be replaced at some point before the polycarbonate starts to ‘yellow’ through and craze. If your headlights are looking cloudy or discoloured, it is more than likely the factory UV protective Headlight clear coat is degrading and needs to be removed and replaced correctly with a quality UV clear coat that lasts.

At Headlight Restore we remove the old degraded original factory UV protective coat and re-coat it with the highest quality UV protective coating on the market to guarantee your headlights will remain looking new for many years. The process takes under an hour and can be done at your home or office. Some of our clients include BMW, Mercedes Benz, Saab, Audi and many more including some of the most successful independent mechanics in the know.

More advice that could save you spending money several times on the same repair is to choose the correct Headlight Restoration specialist. There are many places that advertise headlight restoration services. For example, car detailers, mechanics, tyre outlets just to name a few. The problem with these companies is they just remove the degraded factory protective coat and polish the polycarbonate headlight lens clean leaving it ready discolour again. This method is strictly a temporary fix, and will look fine for a short period but will only damage your headlights further often within just months, dependant on how often your car is out doors in the sun.

Also, most DIY headlight restoration kits only supply sandpapers and polish, this again is still leaving the polycarbonate bare to the elements and they will discolour again and start to craze or splinter, again often within months. Other kits with UV wipes or sprays don’t seem to last, as I have found from restoring many customers vehicles who have tried the off the shelf products themselves and called on us to have it done correctly months later.

Call Headlight Restore and improve your safety and visibility, appearance of your vehicle and avoid a possible fine and loss of demerit points as hard to see headlights are a roadworthy issue.
Both headlights usually take less than an hour to restore and we can come to your home or office at your convenience.