Headlight Restore apply the longest lasting UV protective clear coat which is sprayed onto vehicles headlights. Unlike car detailers and mechanics who only sand and buff headlights (read more below), we specialise in only polycarbonate headlight restoration, repairs and replacement.

We restore to-as new all makes and models from Holden Astra to Ferrari (pictured above), which will last as long as new replacement headlights and comes with our 3 year warranty. Our process will ensure your headlights will look like new for many years and will protect your headlights from discolouration and degradation saving you money on replacement headlights.

Headlights are made of polycarbonate which becomes porous and discolours through the thickness of the lens in the sun’s UV rays without a protective clear coat on the lens. From the factory, headlight manufacturers apply a protective hard coat to protect the lens of the polycarbonate headlights. It’s this protective hard coat which degrades in harsh UV rays like Australia and needs to be replaced correctly by one of Headlight Restore‘s Technicians.

There are many operators such as car detailers and mechanics, who sand and buff the degraded protective hard coat on headlights to make the headlights clear again. As a result, this process permanently damages headlights, causing ‘crazing’, or ‘little cracks’, to the lens, also eventually the lens will discolour through the thickness of the lens and most times can not be repaired back to factory clarity.

Some operators may claim to wipe on a layer of UV protectant after buffing the lens clear, such as ceramic which is micro-thin and not adequate for protecting the lens and does not last. There is a reason the headlight manufacturers apply a UV protective clear hard coat over the top of the lens; if it is degraded it should be removed and replaced, not sanded, and the bare lens buffed. This leaves the bare polycarbonate exposed and the polycarbonate will begin to break down.

In fact, if any operator is buffing your headlights as car detailers and mechanics do, they are repairing your headlights incorrectly and causing further damage to your headlights. Headlights need to be sprayed and coated in a high quality UV protective hard coat (picture below). Buffing and polishing headlights is the wrong method and is just a quick fix which does not last.

Headlight Restore’s method involves removing the once important old degraded clear coat, covering your vehicle leaving the headlights exposed and spraying on an advanced UV protective cured clear coat which lasts many years. This is the correct method to restore headlights back to factory condition. For more information please visit out our website by clicking the link below or call us direct on 0499 099 075

Headlight Clear Coat