car-368636_1280When it comes to road safety, one thing that every car owner or driver must take into consideration is the headlight’s condition. Before you hit the road, you need to make sure that your car lives up to the road’s standards. Just because your car does not make strange noises or behave badly does not mean it has a perfect performance.

It is also important that you check your headlight’s condition because headlights that are not functioning normally are more than just a cosmetic problem. These days, the headlights can turn foggy or yellow. These are tell-tale signs that they you and your family can be in great danger if the problem is not properly addressed. If you want to ensure safety, regular maintenance of your car including your headlights is a must.

Reasons For Headlight Problems:

• Road Damage: Modern headlights are more vulnerable to damage when you are driving on damaged roads. Debris and small rocks can pit the polycarbonate lens and the gravel can also create dents on the lenses.

• Oxidation: When modern headlights are exposed to the air, the lenses have the tendency to develop microscopic cracks especially when they are exposed to UV radiation. This explains the cloudiness in the lenses.

• Water Vapor: The vapor builds up inside the headlight box and this is caused by high moisture content in the air. As a result, the moisture gets trapped and the air outside the box becomes drier. The light coming through the polycarbonate lens are scattered by the water vapor. This is why diffusion and patterns of light are formed, making it harder for you to see clearly.

• Chemicals and Dirt: Long drive can also take its toll on your headlight as it is more susceptible to dirt and chemicals. The dirt and chemicals can be damaging to your lenses, causing them to cloudy. You may also find it hard to see the road due to this headlight problem.

Headlight problems may not be immediately noticed especially during the summer time when daylight hours are long. More serious problems may arise when damaged headlights are left unchecked. You may also invite accidents if your headlights are not functioning properly.

Preventive Measures

You can extend the life of your headlights if you observe regular maintenance. You should also be careful when polishing the headlights as you might wear it down. Use soft polish medium and make sure there is no grit in the polish. Since the ultraviolet light can cause damage, your car must also be parked in a garage or have the headlights face away from the sun.

It is also essential that you prefer a professional to fix headlight damage. When you leave the problem to the experts, you will be able to obtain a sure-fire solution to your headlight problem. Avoid waiting for the problem to get worse before you take any action. Check your headlights from time to time for any signs of damage. It may even take weeks for you to notice that something is wrong and putting it off is not an option.