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Headlight Restoration Servicing Brisbane & Gold Coast with our Professionally Sprayed-on UV Protective Clear Coat & 3-Year Warranty
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Headlight Restoration & Repair Specialists

Restoring headlights back to lasting factory condition for over 10-years with our 3-year warranty!

Headlight Restore Guarantees your headlights will last our 3-year warranty, or we repair them again free of charge!

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We don’t claim to know how to detail your vehicle or change your oil as an add-on…

We don’t claim to know how to detail your vehicle or change your oil as an add-on…

For over 10 years, Headlight Restore have specialised in Headlight Restoration and Repairs – working closely with major Insurance companies and Prestige repair centres…

We apply the longest lasting UV protective headlight clear coat which is professionally sprayed-on and lasts years beyond our 3-year warranty…

We also conveniently offer a mobile service to your home or office.

Based on 332 reviews
Rod Brown
Rod Brown
I must say after searching and searching for a professional headlight restoration expert, Tyrone the proprietor of Headlight Restore, is first class. The professionalism, high level of service and quality workmanship is to be commended. Great job and much appreciated Tyrone. Regards Rod
William Shu
William Shu
Excellent job, my 10 years old ute light like brand new after restoration, save your time and money to do it yourself, book professional then have the outstanding result
Aaron Walter
Aaron Walter
Arranged for Tyrone to come and repair the headlights on both my Ford Focus and Volkswagen Amarok. Amazing job, both look like new. Highly recommended.
Hamish Fraser
Hamish Fraser
Fantastic service and incredible result. Tyrone restored our Peugeot headlights at our property today, and the results have restored them to better than new. The lights were clouded and badly scratched, and are now clear, bright and scratchless. All done in a couple of hours. We couldn’t recommend Tyrone’s services more highly.
Ian Walker
Ian Walker
Awesome job headlights are like brand new and only 45 minutes don't buy new ones see this guy first
walter iglesias
walter iglesias
Did headliggts for me today, saved me $1200 dollars,very impressed, I would recommend this guy to anyone!
Tere Hibbs
Tere Hibbs
Awesome friendly service and so quick. Work looks amazing and makes the rest of car look…not so amazing…but work in progress! Was not aware that wear and tear on headlights can deem your car not roadworthy, so will highly recommend your work. Thanks so much Teré
Isaac Lane
Isaac Lane
Grateful for Tyrone's services today. Needed new headlights within 3 days from Tuesday and got them done today and better with a clean too. Friendly, great customer service and humble about his craft. Thanks heaps!
Paul Pham
Paul Pham
Tyrone did my headlights today. Awesome job, quick and hassle free. Looks like new. Definitely knows his stuff.

Must know facts…

New factory headlights come with a UV protective clear hard coat applied to the outside of the lens. This  protects the polycarbonate lens from discolouring and developing cracks in the lens. This is what degrades over time.

Damaging headlights…

Detailers and mechanics remove the once all important degraded UV protective coat by buffing and polishing the headlights bare inevitably causing permanent damage to the exposed polycarbonate lens.

12 years in the industry…

Only Headlight Restore professionally spray onto the lens a cured UV protective clear hard coat which is chemical-resistant, non-yellowing, and scratch resistant, lasts 5-7 years on average and comes with our 3 year warranty.

Did you know…

Genuine headlights are expensive and a pair can cost up to 10% of the value of your vehicle plus fitting costs. Pre-2010 genuine headlights can be rare as many are discontinued.

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headlight Repairs Brisbane
Headlight restoration Brisbane

Quick Quote:

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Mobile Headlight Restoration servicing Brisbane & Gold Coast

With hundreds of five-star reviews on Google, Headlight Restore have restored to as-new thousands of headlights throughout Brisbane & the Gold Coast for over 10 years.

As most people now realise, the most important part of headlight restoration is the application of a high-quality UV protective clear hard coat to the lens that lasts. This clear hard coat seals and protects the polycarbonate headlight lens and prevents the headlight from discolouring again and prevents the headlight lens from cracks or ‘crazing’ through the lens.

Professional Headlight Restoration done right

Once the old degraded factory UV protective coat has been removed, Headlight Restore completely cover your vehicle with only the headlights exposed.

We then professionally spray onto the lens our advanced, long-lasting polycarbonate UV protective headlight clear coat which is chemical-resistant, non-yellowing, and scratch resistant. This ensures your headlights are restored to lasting factory condition which will last as long as new replacement headlights.

Headlight Cleaner

Avoid a $143 Fine & Loss of 1 Demerit Point

Discoloured headlights are legally deemed as unroadworthy, and you can be issued an infringement

Mobile Service Conveniently Available

We conveniently service North Brisbane, South Brisbane, West Brisbane & the Gold Coast.

3-Year Warranty on our Headlight Restoration

Only Headlight Restore offers a genuine 3 year warranty with our sprayed-on UV protective clear coat

From Only $75 Per Headlight 3-Year Warranty

From 20c per day you can have perfectly clear headlights for many years

Leaders in Headlight Restoration with our sprayed-on UV protective clear coat

Headlight Restore only specialise in headlight repairs and lasting Polycarbonate UV Protective headlight clear coats which prevent headlights from discolouring for many years.
We don’t just remove the once important degraded factory UV protective clear coat by buffing and polishing the bare lens as car detailers and mechanics do.

Working closely with major insurance companies and prestige repair centres, our headlight restoration and repairs are trusted with high end vehicles knowing headlights are repaired back to lasting factory condition.

Buffing & Polishing Headlights will Inevitably Damage your Headlights Permanently


Buffing headlights

Other operators including mechanics and detailers who offer headlight restoration, only remove the once important UV protective degrading factory protective clear coat. They then polish the lens clear with a machine buff leaving the polycarbonate lens bare, only for the lens to discolour through the lens and develop ‘crazing’ or little cracks to the lens. (This is the reason manufacturers apply a protective hard coat to the lens to prevent this).

So don’t get fooled by operators adding on headlight restoration as a service, there is an old saying ‘Poor man pays twice’. As mentioned above, why would headlight manufacturers apply a quality UV protective clear hard coat to the lens otherwise. In fact, all polycarbonate requires a UV protective coating, including spectacles.

Before & After Pictures of our Headlight Restoration with our UV Protective Clear Coat
Headlight Restore Services Include
Cracked & Crazed Headlight Repairs

Headlight Restore repairs scratched, stone chipped and ‘crazed’ headlight lenses to new.

Resealing of Water Damaged Headlights

Resealing of leaking and water damaged headlights

LED Bulb Conversions

Installation of LED bulb conversions for whiter, brighter headlights

Replacement Headlight Lens'

Replacement of damaged and broken headlight lenses with new lenses

Replacement Headlights

Replacement of damaged headlights and fitting of new replacement headlights

Headlight Restoration Mobile Sevice

We are conveniently a mobile service and can come to your home or office 

Bulb Replacement Service

Headlight Restore offer a bulb replacement service. Contact us with your make and model

We Repair Damaged Motorcycle Headlights

We repair Scratched and damaged motorbike headlights to as new

Plastic Welding Repairs

We repair broken brackets on headlight assembly’s

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