Headlight Restoration & Repair Specialists

With Headlight Restore’s 3 Year Warranty, our Technicians can come to your home or office at your convenience and restore your headlights to as-new in Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.



Headlights are made from polycarbonate, an extremely tough plastic which is also porous and discolours in UV rays. To combat this problem, headlight manufacturers apply a protective hard coat to the outside of the lens to seal and protect the headlight from discolouring. Unfortunately over time, this factory protective clear hard coat degrades and needs to be completely removed and replaced with another quality protective clear hard coat that lasts.


Other operators who may offer headlight restoration including car detailers and mechanics, generally only remove the degraded protective clear coat and buff the bare polycarbonate headlight lens clear, at best they may wipe a thin layer of ceramic coating, which is a ‘quick fix’ and does not last. Without a protective UV coating, the polycarbonate lens will begin to degrade and form what is called ‘crazing’ or little cracks to the lens and begin to discolour through the thickness of the lens – permanently damaging your headlights.

long lasting guarantee

Headlight Restoration kits can be time consuming and do not come with an adequate protective clear hard coat which prevents your headlights from discolouring again. Headlight Restore can repair your headlights to 99.9% as-new condition the correct way with a cured protective hard coat professionally sprayed onto the lens that will last as long as new replacement headlights for not much more than a headlight restoration kit – and comes with our 3-year warranty.

Headlights restored by us will last as long as new replacement headlights 

Headlight Restore are the only company restoring headlights to lasting factory condition.

We don’t just remove the once important protective hard coat by buffing and polishing the bare polycarbonate headlight clear for a short-term fix – only for the polycarbonate to degrade causing ‘crazing’ and permanent discolouration through the lens.

Our technicians apply the highest quality polycarbonate protective sprayed on cured hard coat, ensuring factory finish for headlights that will last as long as new replacement headlights.

We also refer customers outside our service area to repairers using our method and our OEM Headlight Clear Coat who also offer a 3-year warranty. Contact us and we will put you in touch with a repairer near you.


With hundreds of five-star reviews on Google, Headlight Restore have restored to as-new thousands of headlights throughout South East Queensland for over 8 years. As most people now realise, the most important part of headlight restoration is the application of a high quality protective clear hard coat to the lens that lasts. This clear hard coat seals and protects the polycarbonate headlight lens and prevents the headlight from discolouring again.

Headlight Restore® is the only company spraying onto the lens a cured protective Clear Coat which etches into the polycarbonate and creates a protective Hard Coat over the headlight lens. Our long-lasting Hard Coat is non-yellowing, and both scratch and chemical resistant. This ensures your headlights are protected from road debris and Queensland’s harsh elements for many years. Our advanced coating prevents your headlights from discolouring, often lasting longer than brand new replacement headlights, and comes with our 3-year warranty against discolouration or we repair them free of charge.


Other operators who offer low-cost headlight restoration only remove the degrading factory protective clear coat and polish the lens clear with a machine buff – leaving the polycarbonate lens bare, only to discolour through the lens and develop ‘crazing’ or little cracks to the lens.

Machine buffing headlights is the incorrect method for restoring headlights. Essentially they are removing the all important degraded hard coat which is protecting the lens from permanent UV damage. (There is a reason manufacturers apply a protective hard coat to the lens).

Machine buffing headlights is a short-term fix, and will permanently damage the lens. It is also a good indication that either no protective coating is applied or at best a thin layer of inadequate protective coating such as ceramic is wiped onto the polished lens, which does not seal and protect the polycarbonate lens from discolouring – often only lasting months in Queensland harsh UV rays.

Unlike Headlight Restore’s method in which we completely remove the old degraded factory clear coat, remove a micron off the lens, mask up the vehicle, and spray onto the lens a cured protective clear coat that etches into the polycarbonate lens and creates a ‘rock hard’ protective clear coating which is also chemical resistant, non-yellowing and lasts as long as brand new replacement headlights – and comes with our 3-year warranty.

Terrific service from Tyrone. My headlights look brand new for a very reasonable price. Excellent communication and commitment to customers.

Bill Hawthorne

10 days ago

Absolute champion! I left an email on Sunday night. He called me back Monday morning for a quote and was done that afternoon. The headlights look like new again. So happy!

Garry Thoroughgood

3 months ago

Very friendly, headlights look amazing! Definitely makes more sense than doing it yourself with a kit. Will use again on my other cars in the future!

Mark Symonds

3 months ago

I had badly faded headlights on my Range Rover Sport, after pricing new headlights at around $1100 each I contacted Tyrone , he said he could restore my lights to ‘as new’ for $120 each . Well he did as he said he would and now I’m sporting headlights that are ‘like new’ . Thanks Tyrone I have no hesitation in recommending your services .

michael dening

3 months ago

To say I was impressed with the before & after result is definitely an understatement! My car looks 10 times better! Cheers mate! I appreciate the great work! I’ll definitely recommend you to my family and friends 🙂


4 months ago

The skills of a previous car detail painter are a bonus with this service. The attention to detail was excellent. My bmw x5 headlights were looking very dull. Now they are brilliant. Thanks very much!. Worth the 5 stars. Please note to try and have a shady spot from the sun to get it done. Also, you need about an hour for the work. Highly recommended and I will be going back to them in the future if I need to. A lot of mechanical workshops use this service so why not go straight to the source. I liked the fact that they came to your home. Easy and friendly to deal with. Thank you!!

James Kirkup

5 months ago

Our services include:

  • Headlight Restore® can repair scratched, stone chipped and ‘crazed’ headlight lenses to as-new.
  • Replacement of damaged headlights and fitting of new replacement headlights
  • Installation of LED conversions for whiter, brighter headlights
  • Replacement of damaged and broken headlight lenses
  • Resealing of leaking and water damaged headlights
  • We are conveniently a mobile service and can repair headlights to perfect clarity at your home or office in Brisbane, Gold Coast, or the Sunshine Coast.
  • We repair Scratched and damaged motorbike headlights to as new.
  • Headlight Restore™ offer a bulb replacement service. Contact us with your make and model of vehicle for a quote.
  • Headlight Restoration is a sustainable solution that helps reduce plastic waste to landfill.


    Headlight Restoration done right from just $75 per headlight.