Headlight Restore service

Newly Restored Headlights which Last Years in approximately One Hour

Headlight Restoration and Repair Service – Newly Restored Headlights In Approximately One Hour

Headlight Restore approach every headlight repair differently, depending on the headlight manufacturer, and particular damage of each headlight. Unlike headlight restoration kits that are a ‘one size fits all’ solution, we have at our disposal sophisticated tools and products compared to off-the-shelf headlight restoration kits, including the essential protective clear Hard Coat that lasts, ensuring your headlights return to 99.9% as-new condition – all within approximately 1 hour at the convenience of your home or office!

Choosing the Right Car Headlight Restoration Service

Other operators may offer headlight restoration by cutting and polishing the degraded headlight lens, removing the factory Clear Coat and exposing the bare polycarbonate lens to the elements. This is a temporary fix and may cause crazing and discolouration through the lens, permanently damaging the polycarbonate headlight. Headlight Restore™ completely remove the old degraded coating and re-apply an OEM cured Clear Coat that sets to a ‘rock hard’ protective coating, ensuring your headlights remain crystal-clear for many years.

Our Headlight Restoration and Repair Service Saves You Money on replacing headlights

Most replacement headlights can cost anywhere between $300 and $2500+ each, not including fitting and alignment costs. Headlight Restore offer a full mobile headlight restoration service for only a fraction of the cost of replacement headlights and not much more than you’ll pay for an off-the-shelf headlight restoration kit that won’t last.



Headlights are made from polycarbonate, an extremely tough plastic which is also porous and discolours in UV rays. To combat this problem, headlight manufacturers apply a protective hard coat to the outside of the lens to seal and protect the headlight from discolouring. Unfortunately over time, this factory protective clear hard coat degrades and needs to be completely removed and replaced with another quality protective clear hard coat that lasts.


Other operators who may offer headlight restoration including car detailers and mechanics, generally only remove the degraded protective clear coat and buff the bare polycarbonate headlight lens clear, at best they may wipe a thin layer of ceramic coating, which is a ‘quick fix’ and does not last. Unlike Headlight Restore’s protective hard coat which is professionally sprayed onto the lens, and then cured to a rock hard finish – which will last as long as new replacement headlights

long lasting guarantee

Headlight Restoration kits can be time consuming and do not come with an adequate protective clear hard coat which prevents your headlights from discolouring again. Headlight Restore can repair your headlights to 99.9% as-new condition the correct way with a cured protective hard coat professionally sprayed onto the lens that will last as long as new replacement headlights for not much more than a headlight restoration kit – and comes with our 3-year warranty.

Replacement headlights are expensive.

Headlight Restoration from just $75 per headlight.