Headlight Cleaner

Headlight cleaners & headlight polish are a temporary fix with an inadequate finish and does not protect the headlight eventually causing permanent damage to the lens
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Headlight cleaner & headlight polish compared to Headlight Restore’s service

Headlight cleaners, headlight polish, also known as headlight restoration kits do not come with an adequate UV protective coating.

Without an adequate UV protective coating the lens will eventually discolour through the thickness of the lens and the polycarbonate lens will begin to break down in UV rays causing little cracks known as crazing, and eventually become pouros.

Headlight restoration kits, headlight cleaner and headlight polish, are a ‘one size fits all solution which do not last.

Headlight Restore have at our disposal specialized tools and products compared to off-the-shelf headlight restoration kits. For example, it is a common issue for the VW Golf (pictured) to develop cracks to the lens prematurely. Other models like Audi, Mercedes etc. have similar issues. 

Headlight Restore have specialised tools to remove cracks from the lens. We then reapply our UV protective coat that lasts as long as new replacement headlights.

Headlight Cleaner

Car headlight cleaners & headlight polish are a temporary fix and can potentially cause permanent damage to the headlight lens

Replacement headlights can cost anywhere between $300 and $4500+ each, not including fitting and alignment costs. In fact, genuine headlights now cost up to 10% of the cot of a vehicle to replace.

Headlight Restore understand every headlight repair is  different, depending on the headlight manufacturer, the quality of polycarbonate, the original factory UV protective coat. and particular damage of each headlight.

Only Headlight Restore sprays onto the lens a UV protective headlight clear coat which lasts as long as new replacement headlights

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Paul Hunt
Paul Hunt
Tyrone has good communication and does a super job. Amazing difference. Thanks again mate.
Michael narramore
Michael narramore
I can highly recommend Headlight Restore! I was throughly impressed with the completion of my lights. This company was prompt in retuning my calls, honest & reliable. I would refer anyone to Headlight Restore ????
Fiona Surridge
Fiona Surridge
Fantastic job!!
Lesley Vickers
Lesley Vickers
AMAZING JOB. When I saw the end results, I said just more than wow....
Tyrone is an absolute champion, booking and pricing was simple and smooth. The results are unreal, what a transformation. Brought my 2005 Landcruiser's aged headlights back to life when I was considering a full replacement. Couldn't be happier.
Nic Dunn
Nic Dunn
Great result. Highly recommend.
Great job, retailers tried earlier and failed. Got Headlight Restore in and they did the headlights like new!
The Terminator
The Terminator
Amazing job, a detailer tried and they didn't look much different. Called Headlight Restore and now they look brand new!!
J.A. Ronin
J.A. Ronin
Great result, as new headlights, and I learned never to use a diy kit which messed up my headlights. Left it to Tyrone to fix, he is excellent
Jason Keys
Jason Keys
Excellent service and outstanding results.

Must know facts…

New factory headlights come with a UV protective clear hard coat applied to the outside of the lens. This  protects the polycarbonate lens from discolouring and developing cracks in the lens. This is what degrades over time.

Damaging headlights…

Detailers and mechanics remove the once all important degraded UV protective coat by buffing and polishing the headlights bare inevitably causing permanent damage to the exposed polycarbonate lens.

12 years in the industry…

Only Headlight Restore professionally spray onto the lens a cured UV protective clear hard coat which is chemical-resistant, non-yellowing, and scratch resistant, lasts 5-7 years on average and comes with our 3 year warranty.

Did you know…

Genuine headlights are expensive and a pair can cost up to 10% of the value of your vehicle plus fitting costs. Pre-2010 genuine headlights can be rare as many are discontinued.

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Headlight Restore Services Include
Cracked & Crazed Headlight Repairs

Headlight Restore repairs scratched, stone chipped and ‘crazed’ headlight lenses to new.

Resealing of Water Damaged Headlights

Resealing of leaking and water damaged headlights

LED Bulb Conversions

Installation of LED bulb conversions for whiter, brighter headlights

Replacement Headlight Lens'

Replacement of damaged and broken headlight lenses with new lenses

Replacement Headlights

Replacement of damaged headlights and fitting of new replacement headlights

Headlight Restoration Mobile Sevice

We are conveniently a mobile service and can come to your home or office 

Bulb Replacement Service

Headlight Restore offer a bulb replacement service. Contact us with your make and model

We Repair Damaged Motorcycle Headlights

We repair Scratched and damaged motorbike headlights to as new

Plastic Welding Repairs

We repair broken brackets on headlight assembly’s