Headlight Clear Coat

About Our UV Resistant Clear Coat for Headlights which Protects your Headlights beyond our 3-Year Warranty
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Our UV Clear Coat for Headlights

3-Year Warranty on Headlight Restoration

Only Headlight Restore offers a genuine 3 year warranty with our sprayed-on UV protective clear coat

From Only $75 per Headlight with our 3-Year Warranty

From Ford to Ferrari our headlight restoration will last as long as new replacement factory headlights

Professionally Sprayed-on UV Protective Clear Hard Coat

Headlight restoration restored back to lasting factory condition which lasts years

Mobile Service Conveniently Available

We can convenienently come to your home or office in Brisbane and the Gold Coast

Why Headlight UV Protection is Important

Headlights are made from Polycarbonate, a type of extremely tough plastic. Polycarbonate is ideal for deflecting stones and other road debris. Unfortunately in harsh UV rays, bare polycarbonate becomes porous, discolours to a yellow/brown colour through the lens and develops little cracks or splinters known as ‘crazing’.

To combat this problem, every vehicle manufacturer from Ford to Ferrari applies a UV protective Hard Coat over the polycarbonate headlight lens. This coating protects the headlights from discolouring and crazing.

Due to Australia’s harsh UV rays, this factory protective coating will gradually degrade and begin to discolour, leaving headlights looking cloudy and dull and limiting light output. This not only affects the safety and appearance of the vehicle, but also deems it unroadworthy and you are at risk of a $143 fine and 1 demerit point.

Replacement Headlights are Expensive. Protect Your Headlights with our Headlight UV Protection

Our headlight restoration process is done the correct way. This involves completely removing the old degraded factory Clear Coat, masking up the vehicle, and spraying on the lens a cured protective, clear Hard Coat that is chemical resistant, non-yellowing, and has scratch resistance.

Our UV protective Clear Coat is essential for preventing headlight discolouration through the thickness of the lens eventually and little cracks developing called crazing which in some cases is irreparable.

Headlight Restore’s UV protective hard coat ensures your headlights will stay ‘crystal clear’ without discolouration for many years.

Headlight Restore is the only company that offers a 3 year guarantee from discolouration on our headlight restoration service knowing your headlights will last for many years beyond our guarantee

Headlight clear coat

Don’t Be Fooled by Inadequate Headlight UV  Protection

An increasing number of car detailers and mechanics now offer headlight restoration. Their process generally involves removing the old degraded factory Clear Coat by sanding the lens and then polishing the bare headlight lens clear.

At best, an inferior easy-to-apply coating (e.g. ceramic coating, headlight wipes) may be wiped on the lens. Whilst they may improve the looks mildly, they do not last in Queensland’s harsh conditions and will degrade within months.

Without an adequate protective coat, the lens will begin to discolour through the lens and the polycarbonate itself will begin to micro-crack or ‘craze’.

Methods that do not apply a Sprayed-on Hard Coat are a temporary solution, often only lasting a few months and will eventually cause permanent damage to your headlights. (in fact, if anyone is polishing headlights with a buff, this is a good indication they are doing it wrong, as they will obviously not be spraying on an adequate clear coat onto the lens).


uv clear coat for headlights

Why Headlight Restoration Kits Are A Gimmick

Other ‘off the shelf’ or ‘DIY headlight restoration kits’ will also leave the headlight exposed to the elements. They often only come with a polish and do not come with a quality UV protective sealant, again causing the lens to craze and discolour, often in merely months.

Before & After Pictures of our Headlight Restoration with our UV Protective Clear Coat that lasts years
headlight uv protection
clear coat for headlights
headlight clear coat spray
uv clear coat for headlights
Headlight Restores Services Include

Cracked & Crazed Headlight Repairs

Headlight Restore repairs scratched, stone chipped and ‘crazed’ headlight lenses to new.

LED Bulb Conversions

Installation of LED bulb conversions for whiter, brighter headlights

Headlight Restoration Mobile Sevice

We are conveniently a mobile service and can come to your home or office at your convenience

Resealing of Water Damaged Headlights

Resealing of leaking and water damaged headlights

Replacement Headlight Lens'

Replacement of damaged and broken headlight lenses with new lenses

Replacement Headlights

Replacement of damaged headlights and fitting of new replacement headlights

Bulb Replacement Service

Headlight Restore offer a bulb replacement service. Contact us with your make and model

We Repair Damaged Motorcycle Headlights

We repair Scratched and damaged motorbike headlights to as new

Plastic Welding Repairs

We repair broken brackets on headlight assembly’s

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