Do your headlights look as though they’ve developed hazing, yellowing and/or oxidising on the lens? If this sounds like your headlights, there’s a good chance the original factory UV protective clear coat has deteriorated.

Hazy headlights aren’t just a cosmetic problem, they a safety concern. Queensland Police do issue infringement notices for this problem with a fine and loss of demerit points.

Headlight discoloration infringement
yellow discoloured headlights

A $143 fine and 1 demerit point is issued in Queensland for discouled headlights

UV protective coating is important

Although “Plastic” polycarbonate headlights are extremely durable at deflecting stones and debris, over time the factory protective UV coating degrades from the harsh Queensland sun, debris, and other environmental factors – unlike the glass headlights from 1994 and earlier.

Unfortunately, sanding and polishing the lenses clean – as most car detailers and mechanics do – leaves the polycarbonate lens unprotected causing them to discolour again – often within months.  They will also develop small surface cracks in the polycarbonate lens (a condition referred to as crazing). This method is a temporary fix only! It is extremely important that headlights have a quality UV clear coat applied to protect your headlights from the elements.

Headlight restoration should be done right first time

Headlight Restore understand replacing headlights is extremely expensive. We also understand the importance of applying the highest quality, longest lasting UV protective clear coat on the market. This prolongs the life of the headlights dramatically and will ensure your headlights look new for years.

It is also considerably more environmentally friendly than replacing of headlights. It doesn’t make sense to dispose of a whole headlight that can be cost effectively restored to as new condition again – and by doing so you reduce your carbon footprint and save money. Click the link to visit our website: