Headlight Restore receive many enquiries regarding VW Golf ‘micro cracks’ or ‘crazed’ lens Headlight Restoration. A common issue Headlight Restore often come across with our customers is with VW Golf, (in particularly the Mk7 model) VW Amarok, certain Audi and Mercedes models.

On these models and other brands of vehicles the lens begins to crack or ‘craze’ after approximately 5 years in UV rays. When driving at night, the crazing to the lens looks more prominent. Not only does this impact the aesthetics of the vehicle, this also inhibits light output which can be a safety issue for night driving.

At Headlight Restore we can repair VW Golf Cracked or Crazed lenses to as new with our 3-year warranty. We also recoat the lens with a long lasting sprayed-on UV protective hard coat to ensure your headlights will last years without discolouration and to prevent any further ‘crazing’ of the lens. For more information on our UV protective hard coat visit here.

To buy genuine replacement headlights for VW Golf, each headlight retails at approximately between $450 each approximately for a standard Golf and upwards of $2000 each approximately for the Golf Gti models. Then fitting costs to add on top of the cost of the replacement headlights. We also find that aftermarket headlights don’t last and need restoring after a year or so as the clear coat begins to peel.

VW Golf headlight cracks and crazing Headlight Repairs
VW Crazed Headlight restoration
Golf Gti Headlight Crazing

Crazed and Cracked Headlight Repairs done right

Headlight Restore receive many enquiries from around the world on how to repair this issue. This is not the easiest fix, it will take approximately an hour and a half, you will require the right tools, UV protective hard coat and expertise to repair the headlights correctly. We will be uploading a video on how to repair this issue with a step-by-step tutorial on our YouTube channel in the near future. In the meantime check out our Facebook page or Instagram page.

If you are local to Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast and have an issue with your VW Golf cracked or crazed lens and would like one of our technicians to perform Headlight Restoration on your vehicle, contact us for a booking on 0499099075. For more information and photos of crazed headlights and our method of Headlight Restoration please visit our website at Headlight Restore.