The best headlight restoration service which lasts many years and the understanding of polycarbonate headlights.

As technology advances so does technology in headlight coatings. As most people now realise the most important part of headlight restoration is applying a quality clear coat to the surface of the headlight lens. This clear coat protects and seals the polycarbonate headlight lens from discolouring.

Polycarbonate is a porous material and without a clear coat to seal it water will eventually penetrate the lens. It also will discolour to a yellow to brown through the thickness of the lens and start to degrade showing signs of crazing. This sort of damage in most cases is unrepairable.

Through extensive research and testing the highest quality clear coats for over 10 years. Headlight Restore only use a cured UV protective clear coat. Our hard-cured protective clear coat is chemical resistant, scratch resistant and non-yellowing, and last many years longer than wipe on protective coatings like ceramic (which car detailers may use) or headlight restoration wipes (which mechanics may use). From our experience, ceramic coatings are not adequate protection for a headlight lens and do not last. Headlight restoration wipes are basically acetone that melts the surface of the lens, offering no real protective coating to seal the headlight. While this may look adequate at first, it offers no protection.

Headlight Restores hard cured coating in most cases will last as long, if not longer than brand new headlights. We only use the highest quality clear coat, OEM Headlight Restore We now offer a 3-year guarantee against discoloration, knowing the headlights we repair will last many years beyond our guarantee. For more information click on our link below or call us direct at 0499 099 075